Installing Themes Using Winterboard (iOS8) (Enkel)

by - January 02, 2015

If youve already done your own search for a theme you want installed or you want to learn how I installed mine, read along.

The theme im currently using is called Enkel.
I love the pastel-y look of the icons and it has most of them covered.
Step 1: Open the Cydia app.

Step 2; Hit "Sources".
Step 3: Hit "Edit". Then "Add".

Step 4: Type in this exactly!

Youll use this source for alot of paid tweaks that you can get for free :)

Step 5: Hit "Add Source".

Now itll show the black screen with a ton of writing. Let it install and either..

Step 6: Reboot or Respring your device.

Once it starts up again...

Step 7: Go back to Cydia.
Step 8: Hit "Search."
Step 9: Type and hit "Enkel".
Step 10: Install.
Step 11: It might ask you to Respring, go ahead and do that if it does.

Step 12: Now go to Winterboard either on your Settings or through the actual app.
Step 13: Hit "Select Themes:
 Step 14: Hit all those that apply. Play around to see what you like.
Step 15: Respring and voila!

Go ahead and have fun and look up different themes! :)

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