Project Life Core Kit : Dear Lizzy Edition SPOILER ALERT

by - September 03, 2014

Hello Everyone! From the title Im sure you know what this is about. I never know how to start these so ill just get right into it. 
I found this Project Life Core Kit on clearance at Michaels for $14.99!!
I had to get it! I also got this Scrapbook Paper Pad and I cant wait to decorate my planner with these. Anyways, 
I dont know if they discontinued it or Michaels decided to discontinue it at their store but nevertheless, Im excited that I got it for such a great price.
If any of you are curious as to what it looks like, heres a few pictures. Front to back.
These arent all the cards but its most of them.
If anyone is interested in doing a swap, please email me at 

Here are some of the 3x4s.   

In my opinion, it looks like a sunset in Spring. The colors are like a pastel sunset and with all the floral; its so pretty.
I love the Vespa, Mason Jar, Strawberries and Ice Cream cones!
And the balloons!

And now some of the 4x6s.

These are pretty much the same, front/back. The only difference is that the image switches from horizontal to vertical.

And that is all.
I am in love with this kit. The colors are super cute. when I do decorate my planner with these, Ill make another post.
Like I said, if youre interested in swapping, let me know :)
Thank you for reading and until next time! - Kenia

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