Kate Spade Wellesley Set-Up

by - June 29, 2015

Hi Lovelies!
Its been a while since I made a post and usually when I make one, I give you stuff for free.
Haha ;) Not that I mind! But I do want to start sharing more of my life and my
planner/planning adventure with you all. So let's begin! :)

Last night...
Or actually the most of yesterday, I spent it redoing my Wellesley set-up.
I recently got her of a Facebook seller and I think Ive found planner peace but I cant
be sure cuz im sure ive said that about half my planners :D 
Anywho! I thought my set-up was fine but it was actually very messy and it slowly but surely
started bothering me. So I re-did it all and now I love it!
I just did it yesterday so we'll see how this set-up goes. Ill definitely keep you updated.

So to start off...
Let me describe a little about how I use my planner. Im a stay at home mom 
so i manage our finances, housework, shopping lists, baby stuff, family parties
or events we need to attend and basically manage our whole lives.
I also run two shops! Or kind of three. But I dont want to appear overzealous so
lets say 2! Haha. One is my crochet shop Thimble & Hook. And the other is my planner supply/insert
shop. Thimble & Hook/The Stitch Maker.
I write down my ideas for new products, orders, shipments, all that jazz.
And since I want to be more active on my blog, Im slowly starting to include blog stuff in my planner as well.

Okay. Im done...
On to the good stuff! Heres my current planner set-up in my 2015 Kate Spade Wellesley.
Ive made alot of the things in my planner so if youre interested in anything, feel free
to shoot me an email at kenialouve@outlook.com. :)

Okay so forgive me ahead of time. Lol. Most of these clips were from swaps so I might not
know where theyre all from. So here goes:
Black + Gold Clip: Etsy - mypaperlovestudio
Arrow : Freckled Fawn
Fox: Me ;)
Page Flags: Target
Feather Tag: Target
Glitter Deer Dashboard: Me :)
Cat: Swap but I found these 
Cupcake:Swap but I found these
Hello: Swap
Bow: Kate Spade

So In the left pocket I dont keep much. Just the Project Life card as decoration.
In the right pocket, I keep my baby girls immunization card for 
doctor appointments and just to have in case of an emergency.

These are currently my sections.
Notes, Lists, Weekly, Finance, Work.
I also have top dividers...
Dump (as in Brain Dump) for random ideas to be organized later.
Ship for my weekly shipments .
To Do, self explanatory. Lol
Behind my dashboard I just keep regular sticky notes.
The small binder clip, sticky notes, and magnet clip on the right are all
from Target.
Hedgehog card from Marshalls. Inside it I have all my personal info
in case my planner ever gets lost.
My business card section! The middle one is my own which needs to be updated.
Designed by me :)
The yarn one is a cool yarn shop I found during the LA Art Walk. And the wolf one I also got at the LA Art Walk but I honestly just put it here cuz it looks cool. Lol
Behind my business cards I have a second dashboard with a quote from my favorite book 
and author John Green. It reads "If people were rain. I was drizzle and she was a hurricane." The book is called Looking For Alaska and it completely changed my life.
Heart Clip I got in a swap but I found these on Aliexpress

I decided on having all my top dividers be glittered. Because, well why not. Haha
This is my "Ship" section. The weekly note list is from Marhalls. I use it to track what Im shipping that week.
I made the envelope from cardstock and its where it houses all my current shipment receipts.
Okay, the first actual section in my planner is my "Notes: section. I like to keep it at the front because that's where I find myself using it more. 
I use it whenever I need to write down any Notes of an order for my shop or at 
doctors appointments. Questions I need to ask and so on.
Note paper is from Marshalls that was trimmed down.
My Brain dump section is pretty empty right now since its newly added.
Correct me if Im wrong but I think I got the idea from The Reset Girl. I'm pretty sure it was in her YouTube video. But I loved it.
Im very scattered brain so this is perfect for me.
I use a dashboard just to make it prettier.
I painted it myself :)
Skipping the other top divider since it looks the same as the others - my 'To-Do"
section which is pretty self explanatory. Written down is yarn that I need to restock on. Lol
Note paper is from Target.
My second section is my "Lists". Which houses all my passwords, favorites, wish lists, etc.
Note paper again is from Marshalls.
These mini tabs/page flgs I got at the dollar store and I find it easier this way to section off my lists rather than having 20 more dividers. It marks my Wants, Blog Ideas, IG ideas, Shop Ideas, Planner Shop Ideas.
And now the weekly section! 
Before I forget, I made the dividers myself but you can get dashboard versions on my shop
I have them listed in all sizes :)
Arrow clip again from Freckled Fawn.
The inserts I designed myself. You can get the printable on my etsy shop.
So my weekly section is pretty basic. The Project Life card holds sticky notes for last minute 
planning or things that I need to look out for throughout the whole week.
My Finance section is pretty personal so lets skip that :)
My work section is for all my shops and shop related things.
Its currently empty because Im still designing inserts to put in here.
Oh hey! That's my little family ;)
And last but not least, My Seven Year Pen. I absolutely love it. I got it in a book shop in Hollywood
completely unexpectedly. We were waiting for a concert to start and I had the pen in my pocket
while I was jumping up and down to the songs. Lol
Its the mermaid version because its the closest thing they have to Ariel and Im obsessed with her sooo
it all fits.

I hope you enjoyed...
This ridiculously long post. And I hope it helps you in someway in your planner set-up.
Its a constant thing that you have to keep at and adjust and find tune to suit your needs and
I feel like Im getting close. If you have any blog posts on your set-ups
Id love to see! So comment with the link below.
Thank you so much for reading! :)

P.S. Currently have a giveaway running on my Instagram
It would really mean a lot to me if you went to
Go enter and hopefully you can win some fun goodies!

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