My First Planner!

by - July 31, 2014

Hey guys! So this is my first planner, and post. And I wanted to share it with you guys!

First things first, there were many reasons as to why I wanted a planner;
-Financial Organization
-My shop organization.
And other things as such.
For my first planner I did extensive research. I looked into Filofax, Guillio, Kikki K. I even looked at office supply stores and Amazon. I knew right away I didnt want to spend over $30 on my first planner and the brands listed above are mostly over $40 and being a 22 year old mom, I wouldnt want to spend over that on something so simple, when it could be used for my little girl.
So I decided on Paperchase!
They have the cutest ones for the least amount of money.
This baby cost me only $22 ish. (Free shipping because I had a %15 off coupon code.)
It took about a week to get here (Southern California) from the UK.
So heres the outside...
When you open it...(yes thats my little girl.)
The paperclips I got at Target years ago!
All the sticky notes I got from my dollar store.
The rainbow index cards, also from Target.
The Ariel pen, from a birthday party. Lol :)
The skull keychain I made myself using a safety pin, old necklace, and pliers.
(Tutorial coming soon!)

My dividers I made using this scrapbook paper pad that was on clearance at Michaels.

And there it is! Its not perfect, obviously, but it already began to help and soon Ill have it, exactly how I need it. Thank you for reading!
Comment below if you have a Filofax/Planner blog so I can follow!

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